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N'ICE Cough and Throat pain lozenge are a COUGH SUPPRESSANT/ORAL ANESTHETIC, which help relieve minor sore throat pain and suppress coughs associated with the common cold. N'ICE Vitamin C lozenge provide daily value of Vitamin C, assisting to strengthen your body’s immune system.
ALL!! The uniqueness of N'ICE Products is that they are created and intended for ALL!!! In other words, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free, Kid Friendly and Adult Friendly. Please refer to our product list to see recommended dosage for each product!
Is your throat scratchy?
Does it hurt to swallow?
Do you have a constant cough you just can’t get rid of?
Feel a constant tickle in the back of your mouth?
Does your body feel weak?
Does it crave a Vitamin C burst?
Are you answering yes to one or more of the above??
THEN TRY N’ICE! N’ICE products will provide temporary relief of minor sore throat pain and will suppress your cough
There are plenty of tips one could provide ..but at N'ICE we recommend you follow the following advice:
  • Germs Spread Easy! So remember to wash your hands often or use an alcohol based sanitizer!
  • Drink plenty of liquids. Water helps our bodies flush out bad toxins. During cold and flu season it’s a good idea to increase your fluid to avoid keeping those bugs in your body!
  • Smoker? Quit! Smoke can weaken your immune system and play a role in drying your nasal passage.
  • Hit the gym / get plenty of exercise. Building your heart rate and sweating out the bad toxins is a great way of taking care of your body and building its immune system.
  • And Of course take your N'ICE products. Our packages are small enough to fit in a purse, book bag, throw in your pocket – no excuse to leave home without your N'ICE!
“I felt my body aching and I knew it was because of a lack of Vitamins. I have been taking the Vitamin C Lozenge and feeling a difference”
Jack from Clinton, Arkansas