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Read what satisfied customers are saying about N’ICE Throat Drops.
“I always carry the Honey Lemon N'ICE Cough and Throat Lozenge in my purse! It’s my go to product, once I feel an itch in my throat I have a Lozenge and it immediately makes me feel better. I have been using this product for 10 years and I Love it! Thank you!”
Rita from Albany, New York
“I felt my body aching and I knew it was because of a lack of Vitamins. I have been taking the Vitamin C Lozenge and feeling a difference”
Jack from Clinton, Arkansas
“Easier to put in your pocket then a tin can. I took N'ICE to court with me during my trial and immediately felt better. No embarrassing cough while speaking in front of the Judge”.
Dave from Malibu, California
“I couldn’t stand to see and hear my little boy coughing. We immediately tried N'ICE and saw a difference. I don’t bother with any other product! Thank you!
Natalie from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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